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Christmas came early for Kent builder

with 4 new large detached houses to build early in 2024, our customer came looking for bricks before another threatened price increase.

With 30,000 required the Findabrick UK team went to work to find the best deal.

The preferred brick from Forterra , the much desired Hampton Rural Blend, was being offered by merchants at £ 800 + per 1000, even in full loads.

The wait time for bricks to come direct from Forterra was too long.

Findabrick UK were able to obtain 3 full artic loads from 3 different sources, all for delivery in the last week leading up to the Christmas holidays.

The best part was the price - at £ 722 per 1000 for all 3 loads - it felt like Christmas had come early for our builder !

If you have a small development planned , and don't want to pay too much for the bricks, contact us via our contact page with some details like outline Planning Drawings and the quantity you will need.

We could make a lot more money selling bricks like some of our competitors - but we stand by our 'non-profiteering' policy, knowing that this is one reason why our customers are happy to come back time after time.

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