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Saving money for a Self-builder in South London

of all our customers , we have found that self-builders are especially conscious of saving money , but without compromising on quality.

It is after all their dream

Rather than take advantage of a less experienced type of client , we at FindABrick UK work to find the best deals available at the time.

We were recommended by a Brick-layer who had used FindABrick previously on a project.

Mat sent us a photo of his own house at number 2, at which point it was obvious that the LA Planners would only accept something that was a close match for the new dwelling being joined on.

We were pleased to find a batch of Ibstock off-shades that saved Mat around £ 700 on just half a load of bricks

That's like getting a nice oven or a top of the range built in washing machine - for free !

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